Yanfeng Chen

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I am currently a graduate student in Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, working on my master's degree in Human Computer Interaction. I am a member of Synaesthetic Media Lab in Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center. My major research interests are interactive storytelling and sketch-based interface.

Prior to joining Georgia Tech, I worked as software engineer, IT engineer and project manager for a total of 8 years after receiving my bachelor's degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1998.

Research Projects

Course Projects


  • SketchCAST: Animating Sketched Characters for Interactive Storytelling. Chen, Samanci and Mazalek. 2008. Accepted by International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA 2008).

  • RENATI: Recontextualizing Narratives for Tangible Interfaces Chenzira, Chen and Mazalek. 2007. Accepted and to be published in the proceeding of Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI'08).

  • Constructing Higher Education Experiences in Tangible Media Arts: Flora Electronica Mazalek, Lee, Chen and Rydarowski. 2008. Accepted and to be published in the proceeding of Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI'08).

  • Tangible Comics: A Performance Space with Full-body Interaction Samanci, Chen and Mazalek. 2007. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE'07), ACM Press, pp.171-178

Professional Experiences

I started my first job as a programmer for Landscape Minyou Telecom, a telecommunication value-added solution provider in China. I had been working on both end-user and system level software in both Windows and UNIX platform. I also played as team lead in the R&D department and project manager in various field deployment projects.

I came to US in 2001 and worked as a software engineer for Syncomm Technology, a wireless communication equipment manufacturer. I developed system software handling protocol stack, high level signaling and call management for micro-cellular wireless base stations. In addition, I improved Java applet-based operation and maintenance UI with AWT/Swing. I also overhauled and debugged embedded software on signal processing card.

I worked as an IT engineer for Partsmart Corporation in Duluth, Georgia from 2003 to 2006. I had been responsible for the development of information systems (e.g. B2B/B2C websites, intranet web applications,  CRM and ERP software, miscellaneous in-house utilities) in order to simplify employees' everyday job as well as the way customer getting products and services from us.  I also designed the promotional advertisement for the company.

Work Samples

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